Painting, Carlo turned 15, And I got my hairs cut

Hey guys!

I have been slightly distracted with making sure I stay the course with my New Years resolutions. First off spending more time with friends and family.

Wine tasting with some of my girl cousins


Girly day with my mom


We got our hairs cut! I just got a trim, so the transformations isn’t super dramatic.





I’m really trying to schedule at least one lunch a month with a friend or family member. 1 month in, and so far so good! It just seems like by thanksgiving I see everyone, and it’s been a year since I’ve seen anyone.

Carlo’s birthday was super awesome! He went to the movies for the first time by himself with a friend, and then they stayed up all night playing video games. We also had a family lunch at Carlo’s favorite restaurant in SF, Straw. It’s a carnival themed restaurant, and has REALLY, REALLY good food!





I had the most amazing BLT I have ever had, ever.

I started reading Amy Poehler’s new book.


It’s funny, and really interesting. Loving it so far.

I also started painting in the evenings after Dom goes to sleep. I finished this one last night.


I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s the perfect way to relax at the end of the night, and maybe not just watch TV.

How’s your New Years resolutions going? Celebrating any birthdays?



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