So! You guys!!

Since I’ve started running twice a week, I have lost about 23 pounds! Now this is since August. 23 pounds in 4 months is AWESOME!! I have really been trying to just be consistent with working out, and making good choices for breakfast and lunch. I pretty much took the entire month of December off, except for running. And I still feel like it lost a couple of pounds last month. I’m not sure, since I basically avoid the scale and try to gauge my progress with how my clothes fit.

This morning Daphne and I got in a solid 2 miles.


Check out my time! What, less than 11 minutes a mile? So happy!

It was super foggy on my street.


And I wore this new “hoo rag” that my hubby bububby got for me.


It’s super light weight, and can be worn like 23 different ways.

Daphne and I talked about doing this run


You guys all know that I wasn’t really impressed with the color run. I literally had to dump colored cornstarch on myself to get any color on myself. I figured since Daphne really wanted to try it, and was excited about it, I would give a themey race another try.

Has anyone done a color vibe run? Thoughts?



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