Day 13

Hey guys!

Tomorrow marks day 13 for me with the bikini body mommy work outs!


I am really tired in this picture. It was one of the first days of waking up at 5am. And At this point we got Dom in the crib in his own room, and he pretty much wakes up when I finish my shower. Perfect!

I’m obsessed. I love that I feel like I can get a great work out in 20 minutes. I love that Brianna works hard, and still can’t do half the moves all the way through. I love that I’m sore the next day. Like seriously, omg I’m so sore. And I love that it’s free! Look her up on YouTube you will not be sorry.

I have also been running about 3 times a week. And Wednesday Daphne and I ran 4 miles!!!! They were super slow! But they were ran by Daphne and I pushing a stroller.



<img src="" alt="IMG_9781.PNG" class="alignnone size-

So much hurt! I'm pretty sure I need to put air in the tires if my stroller. We have been tossing around the idea of running a 10k in 2 weeks. I think I have decided that I want to do the 5k, and shoot for the 10k in another race. I ❤️ running. And I think the love is infectious, because Daphne is excited about running some road races this year. I just want to make sure that we do it right, and we don't get injured.

These babies have been energizing me on my runs.


I have never even considered new balance as a legit running show brand. Not sure why. I have just always ran in asics, brooks, and most recently mizunos. So far, I love them! Pregnancy has made my feet even wider than they were before. Like super wide! I’m ok with that. I basically am just happy they make some shoes that are kinda cute that fit me.

I love that running is in my exercise routine again. Not only running, but building some mileage. I am so happy right now.

Some of the goals I have this year

Run to be happy

Run a few road races

Read more!!

Be nicer

Blog more

I learned a long time ago that setting specific weight loss goals set myself up for failure. Instead I just want to continue this workout schedule, and just focus on being more healthy.

And yes I want to make sure I’m tracking my work outs at least once a week on the blog. I want to say “I’m going to blog 6 days a week”. But I just can’t commit to that anymore. I find myself overwhelmed easily nowadays when I commit to too much. I find so much pleasure in blogging. I love reading my past fitness related blog posts. Maybe I could commit to one family related post, and one fitness related one? Still thinking about it. I find that I do things more organically when it comes to fitness and the blog. Sometimes I make these huge proclamations like “I’m going to go to yoga 3 times this week!” Then I make every excuse to not go to a yoga class. I just have to do what feels right, and enjoy doing it. I have also been throwing around the idea of starting my own YouTube channel to track my progress. I’ll keep you posted!

How’s everyone doing on their New Years resolutions?


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