Dom’s birthday party!

These past few weeks have been filled with lots of planning and getting everything together for Dom’s very important first birthday. Not to mention the 3 nights before the party I literally baked for up to 5 hours a night. I now have a hate relationship with cake pops. And no, I don’t want any advice, because I tried everything, and they still fell apart. Back to the party. My jumping off point was to get my new Friend daphne to make Dom a bunting flag banner with his name on it.




I took some yarn, and some clothespins I got from the dollar store, and made the 2 photo banners above and below the cake one to showcase his smash cake photo shoot.

I also picked up this banner from target, and just added the lettering with my chalkboard pens.



We also played a few games. I had a “pin the hat on the baby” game. I went to kinkos and asked for the $9 blown up black and white picture. They had me email them, and it was printed like 30 seconds later.



I just cut out some triangles from some construction paper, then taped the hats once the kids placed the hat.

We also had a selfie booth with lots of props. We just taped up some birthday wrapping paper. It was a huge hit! I asked the guests to post the selfies to Facebook, and whoever got the most likes, won!





The winner had over 200 likes! Such a great hit!

We also did a prediction game with Dom. It’s common in the Korean culture to set 5 items in front of a 1 year old, each representing a profession, and the baby picks one that he will grow up to be!








He chose doctor!! I guess we better start saving up for college. We got the guests involved by having them guess what he will choose. Then picking a winner from the doctor jar!

I also set up his sign and a time capsule at the entry. The time capsule was meant for the guests to write down some advice on a piece of paper and put in a jar to be opened up when he turns 18. It’s currently in our safe, and I can’t wait to read it with him on the 18th birthday!




I started planning this party about 4 weeks before the party. If I could do anything different it would be to plan the party in October, not the peak of the Christmas season. There was over 60 guests and 20 kids. It was so fun. I’m so glad I put in every effort to make the party special. And hopefully Dom can look back and see how great his 1st birthday party was!

Now to write the thank you cards!



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