Punta Cana!

I’m going to try to cram the entire trip into one post. (Remember hubs won this trip through his workplace.) It was basically a week of doing nothing but relaxing. Right when we got there, this view greeted us.


I don’t think my iPhone is giving this view justice, but it was a serious WOW! Moment.

The first night we were there our workplace had organized a mixer and a meet and greet. It was kind of awesome how down to earth the CEO and VP of the company were. They basically were just walking around and chatting it up. I’m sure I’ll never be in a comfortable setting like that again with them, so I just tried not to say anything stupid.


We had a few things we wanted to do whole we were there. I wanted to hit the gym every morning. Which I succeeded!


It was ridiculously muggy and humid there. That pic was taken at 7 am before the dew had set. I ran almost every day, and did a simple yoga stretch routine. It was great! And it was way too hot to run outside, but this was my view in the gym.


Yep, flamingos!! It was very surreal.

Our workplace had organized a floating island excursion.


This was so fun! We took some small boats out just far enough to hit some decently deep waters. There were cabanas set up for relaxing, massage therapists for a massage, and there were tons of activities to do like snorkeling, meeting a stingray, swimming with sharks, paddle boarding, and kayaking. I chose swimming with sharks. It was seriously one of the coolest moments of my life!!


We also celebrated my 31st birthday while we were there. We chose to make reservations at the 5 star Michelin restaurant at the resort. It was super duper fancy!



We chose to do what the chef was famous for, a tasting menu. It was 15 courses. Lots of “pre appetizers”, and “desserts”, then just a ton of the regular meal stuff.


It was definitely worth going! It was super rich, and fancy. And I’m glad that they looked past our jokes and awkwardness since we are not fancy or rich. Ha!

The other major high light of the trip was our adventure to MonkeyLand!!! It was a 6 acre compound that housed 22 very tiny monkeys. We got to spend a good hour with the monkeys and let them crawl all over us. Another amazing moment for all of us!



Last but not least, we went to an awards dinner where they presented hubs with a ring for his award. It was on the beach and we were barefoot.





I’m seriously so proud of my amazing husband. He works very hard to provide for our family, and it’s nice to be recognized for all of that hard work.


There were so many other amazing moments where we were just hanging at the pool or beach. We did some shopping and enjoyed some of the local cuisine, it truly was a once in a lifetime trip. It’s definitely a place we hope to visit again.



One thought on “Punta Cana!

  1. Amy Pine says:

    Looks like it was a pretty amazing and unforgettable vacation! I love the pic with you and the monkey on your shoulder. It’s perfect! 🙂

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