New Running Buddy

Hey guys!

You know how I’m always trying to find a friend who is willing to run around my neighborhood with me? Well, I found a fren!!!

Meet Daphne!


She is super duper awesome and let’s me yammer on and on about all of my crazy thoughts while we are running. We have a standing date on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. I’m feeling super good about it, and I’m hoping I haven’t come across as a super needy annoying friend. You guys all know how OCD and need to know what’s up 24/7.

Today we went for a run for over 2 miles.


It was an awesome run! My legs are still sore from last Sundays hilly miles. All 2 of them.

And today we went with this guy.


He actually really likes going on the runs. It’s just a whole lot harder with pushing a stroller and all.

And here he is in his costume. He’s an owl not a turkey.


And one more, just because…


Have a great Halloween!



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