Here’s what I’ve been up to

Hey guys!!

Lately I have been obsessed with my master bedroom. I have de-cluttered and re organized most of my bedroom. It started with my bed. We bought a new bed, and needed new linens, and then snowballed into a pinteresty space that I am completely in love with!!


I still want to get some new curtains and new lamps, but it still feels so much lighter and luxurious.


I have also been getting at my work outs. I kind of had a “come to Jesus” talk with myself about the p90x3 workouts. I basically was dreading them and I kind of went into a depression for a second. However I pulled up my boot straps and got back to the bikini body work outs in the morning. Then in the evening I have been running!


My first love has always been running, and honestly this is exactly where I want to be for now, and maybe always.

I also have been tracking every calorie on MyFitnessPal, and I have lost 13lbs in about 3 weeks. I’m feeling amazing about that. My watch is a little looser and so are my pants. I think I’m still about 5-10 lbs from going down a size, and I have a pair of jeans that are about an inch away from fitting that I’m using as a gauge.

Some other amazing things have been happening like…

Dom turned 9 months old!!!


And he is full on crawling…


And lifting himself up to stand!


He’s so close to walking it’s not even funny.

And just because


I’m weighing in again tomorrow and I’m hoping for 2-4 lbs. I know I put in the work, so I shouldn’t worry about it.



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