78 days…

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

My challenge starts tomorrow…


And yes this is a 90 day challenge, you are probably wondering why I labeled this post 78 days…

Well you know that hubs and I just got back from a week long work trip. And during that work trip we attended a ton shit ton of meetings. It was a solid 5 days of meetings with about 4 hours in there for some “fun times”. So on one of the nights there was this awards presentation. And one of the awards was about providing excellent customer service. Our company has a program where they call customers and they rate us, blah blah blah. It’s a big deal. Well there are over 1300 stores in the company, and they chose 30 general managers to win this coveted award for amazing customer service. And guess what??? Hubs won! Ya, he’s kind of really really amazing at his job. What did he win besides a sweet ring? He won a trip to the Dominican Republic for 6 days and I get to go with him!!! This is happening! And we get a butler, a dude to bring me hot towels and drinks by the beach. I am beyond excited!!! So the countdown is on 78 days until we go to this haven, and I would like to feel semi comfy in a bathing suit. And the pressure is on!

I got this!



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