Super Duper Epic Fail

Why did I think I could start an intense work out routine and new diet on the week that school started? I’m completely delusional. I really pushed Carlo to join the water polo team at his new high school, and he did! And practice starts at 5:30 in the AM!!! And he’s already made some really amazing friends. I guess it’s all worth it. It’s just really hard for me to figure out which comes first when I have to drop him off at school at 5:15 in the AM!! There was also a night with a parent meeting, and the reality of how much everything is going to cost set in.

I just went really wrong with the expectations of completing 1-1.5 hour work outs. It’s just too much time for my life where it’s at now. I need something shorter and just as challenging and that’s why I ordered p90x3. The work outs are only 30 minutes. Sounds pretty perfect for me! I like structure, and you can’t deny the results. I’m feeling really excited about this. And a co worker, who doesn’t have a child in high school or a 7 month old baby, wants to try p90x out. I’m kind of excited for them!

Diet has been just ok. I have been keeping up with a very healthy breakfast and lunch, and most of the time a good healthy dinner. I know I need to work on drinking more water. Often times I wake up dehydrated, and feeling kinda yucky.

Carlo has his first meet today, and I’m beyond excited for him. I can’t wait to hear all about it, send good thoughts his way!

And since this post is soooo wordy, here’s a pic of the baby.


And one of me and the hubs with the babe.


Does anyone else have p90x3? What do you think of it??



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