Things have been super busy over here!

Hey guys!

How’s it going?

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. Between getting Dom in a good sleep pattern in his crib, and preparing for my work trip to Tennessee, I have been just exhausted.

Dom is still as cute as ever


He is so close to crawling! I see him get up on all fours, but then roll onto his belly. I’m sure he will start any day now.

And speaking of Tennessee, I just got back from a week long work trip. It was nice to go on this work trip with my husband, as he works for the same company as I do.

We got to eat lots of delicious southern delicacies like fried green tomatoes, blackened catfish, and hush puppies. Omg the hush puppies were amazing!!


Some other local flavor we sampled included some brews from YAZOO.


And on the work related “fun night” my company put on this amazing event at the “Wild Horse”. It was this awesome 3 story bar, where they had “The Band Perry” play for us. I don’t listen to much country music, but it was awesome!


And I got to meet Elvis! Haha!

So with the irregular sleep patterns, and the traveling, my diet has gone to complete shit. Seriously, I feel like crap. What do I do when I feel like crap? Over plan and try to control every aspect of my fitness. Yep, it’s happening, but I feel really comforted by this revelation.

Here’s my plan for today and the rest of the week.

Hit up my local fruit/veggie stand to score some local cheap and delicious produce.

Grab some healthy staples from Costco to last 2 weeks.

Stay consistent with working out. For the past 90 days I have been doing those bikini body mommy work outs. I finished that program, and now feel ready for something different. This week I’m going to try to do p90x. I just want to play it by ear as my shoulder has been bothering me from all that sitting at the work trip.

So there you have it, I’m feeling super motivated to get my clean eating on. Woot!



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