Tahoe, beach work outs, and SUP

Hey guys! I spent the last 4 days in Tahoe at our family cabin.


Best family picture ever?? ❤️

One of my goals was to work out on the beach at least once while we were in Tahoe. And I totally got it done on day one.


I even got to see the sunrise.


I felt super accomplished after this work out. I brought my phone, put it in a plastic bag, and set it for the current bikinibodymommy work out. And let me tell you…working out on the beach is no joke! It’s all uneven, and has not resistance. So jumping is harder, burpees were harder, butt kicks were harder, everything was harder. I really felt like it kicked my butt when I was done.


Working out on the beach totally justifies Tahoe’s best milk shakes, right?


I got Heath bar, Carlo got butterfinger. I should have gotten butterfinger, but it was still good!

Then we headed to the beach! Dom got to feel the sand between his fingers for the first time. He loved it!


We each also spent some solo time with Carlo. Hubs chose to do a charter fishing trip. They caught a bunch of Kokanee!


They each were able to bring home 5, so we have 10 Kokanee marinating in the fridge as I speak, ready to be smoked tonight! Yum!

I decided I wanted to try SUP, or stand up paddle boarding with Carlo. How hard could it be? Turns out, really hard! I had originally set the lesson for Tuesday morning, however it was freezing out, and it was super windy. I discussed my options with the SUP lady, and we rescheduled for Wednesday evening. This was at the same time the SUP Races were in Tahoe.


There’s quite a SUP community out there! Granted they all must live really close by. And some of those kids must have been pushing 5! Crazy! They were rock stars on the water.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of me standing up on the board. I don’t have a waterproof camera, but I did use hubs’ go pro camera. He is going to go through the footage, and cut it down to like 4 minutes, then post it to YouTube. I’ll keep you posted.

Back to my adventure. In a nutshell, the weather was extreme for a first timer. I decided to go with a guide, and he told me that it was the roughest conditions he had ever taught anyone in. Super windy, lots of waves, it was just very very hard. In the end Carlo was able to stand up and paddle around for a short time, and I was able to for about 90 minutes. I felt pretty bad ass. The instructor/guide was really encouraging, and I think I want to try it again! It is an all over body work out. Every muscle on my body is sore even 2 days later! There are at least 2 different places near my house that offer SUP lessons and rentals. I’ll probably be checking it out in the next couple of weeks.

I also have been trying to catch up on all the awesome movies that I have missed over the last year.

This one is hilarious!


This one was just ok


This one was intense and I loved it!


Last night we watched “Bad Grandpa”, which was way funnier than I thought it would be. Still kind of chuckling about it. And today I’m currently watching “Gravity”, and I keep looking at the clock. I’m trying to watch it to the end, but it’s soooooooo slow!!! I have about 4 other movies I want to watch before I go back to work Sunday, so we will see! Oh and watch all the new episodes of Orange is The New Black! Omg omg omg! Yes I can’t say enough, I’m 6 episodes in and hooked!

Ok that was a bit of a ramble. Anyways I’m totally enjoying my vacation, and I don’t want it to end!

Here’s the last 2 weeks of Dom pics!





Ever tried SUP or go on a fishing charter?



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