Bottle rock, Paint Nite, and my phone died

Hey guys! It’s been way too long. First off my phone died and I don’t have AppleCare. It died from a “trauma”….that’s what the apple genius guy told us. $269 later we were buying another phone and a super super amazing case (price didn’t include case, or tax). I’m still in shock about it.

Let’s talk about something way more fun like, bottle rock! Both hubs and I went this year! And miss Jessica joined us, as well as my mother’s boyfriend of a million years and they should be married already, Jim.


We started the day with some awesome tunes by Ben Sollee, and finished with The Cure, and Sublime.


It was so much fun! And I’m glad that hubs decided to go this year.

In lots of other fun news Dom had his first play date.


Dom is actually 7 months younger than Wyatt, even though Dom is slightly bigger than him. I love Dom’s super chunky thighs and arms. There’s only a small window of time where it’s acceptable to have fat all over your body, and Dom’s window will be closing soon enough.

In super serious news, Carlo graduated (got promoted) from middle school!!


So stinkin’ proud of this kid! I have a high schooler on my hands!

Then this past Sunday I caught up with my favorite second cousin/BFF, and miss Jessica my other BFF at another paint nite.


I have an addiction, and I’m totally ok with it.

And in random, just because I want you to know this about me, news. This is my new favorite afternoon snack.


I’m obsessed.

Here’s some cute shots of Dom being adorable. He’s actually well into 22 weeks, but I lost the 21 week pictures. So I’m just going to make due with these.




Love him!

Have you heard of or been to bottle rock? How about a paint nite?



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