Where did 19 weeks go?

Dom is about to turn 5 months on Friday. Exciting stuff, right?

He reached a fun milestone this past week, he can now sit up on his own.


He can also hold his bottle for almost his entire feeding, if he’s hungry enough.


Baller, right?

So I have been riding the green smoothie train pretty hard this past week!


And it’s going good!


After some trial and error my favorite recipe definitely includes:

A frozen banana
Tbs of peanut butter
Heaping tbs of greek yogurt
Handful of spinach
Then cover ingredients with almond milk

Seriously. Yum!

I’m still getting at those bikinibodymommy work outs!


Today’s had some single leg work that I am already feeling.

In Carlo news, he completed his innovation project: create anything innovative. He chose to build the Eiffel Tower out of Popsicle sticks.


And he got a complete makeover with an awesome haircut.


Those 2 pictures were taken a day apart.

Then I had some fun with both my boys for week 19.


Love them!

And here’s 20 weeks


Are you “helping” your kids do any projects this week?



2 thoughts on “Where did 19 weeks go?

  1. cathyo says:

    we have end of the year projects coming out the wazoo for my grade 9 guy. so far, i’m just encouraging/reminding/hounding him to actually work on them! 20 weeks already! time flies! love the 745 weeks…hilarious!

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