I hate Togo’s salads

I have been so on track with work outs this week. I have been feeling good, and each day I actually look forward to the work outs. I even have been making healthier choices with the eating. I mostly have been eating chicken. But I decided on Friday I would treat myself to a salad from Togo’s, since some of my coworkers were raving about them.


Worst. Salad. Ever.

I got the Asian salad, and it was just not good. And by the time I got the salad, sat down to eat it, realized it was gross, there was not enough time to go get something else. Last time I’ll make that mistake. Then I told those coworkers that I will never trust their food suggestions again.

In way more fun, and I got out for once news, I went to one of those wine and paint nights.


I seriously forgot how fun it is to just hang with a friend. But at the end of the night I was itching to get back to my baby.


That’s his first selfie.

And here’s the 15 weeks pics.



Have you been to one of those wine and paint nights? Are you artsy?



2 thoughts on “I hate Togo’s salads

  1. sophisticatedjerseygirl says:

    I haven’t done wine and paint, but I have done wine and paint pottery. A local paint your own pottery place has specials on wine night. I’m definitely not as artsy as the people who were there, but it’s fun to make your own plates and stuff sometimes 🙂

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