All about Dominic

This post is just going to be heavy in Dominic pics. You have been warned.

I’m obsessed with reading to Dom. I think he loves it too!


And here he is at bath time. He seriously loves his bath time.


And hubs loves to help with bath time!


And I love to roll around with Dom, he hasn’t quite mastered rolling over, but he’s getting close!


I’ve recently started baby wearing, and my life has changed!


Yesterday a very talented friend gave us a quilt she had made for Dom. We absolutely love it!


And Dom’s 12 week pictures



I hope you’re having a very relaxed Sunday!



4 thoughts on “All about Dominic

  1. trikatykid says:

    He is so so so cute, and I love that you read to him! He will be so smart because of it! Interaction is so good – and speaking in real words will help him so much! As a quilter, I have to say thank you for posting so many pics of the quilt! I have gifted many, many quilts and I love to do it. It hurts my heart when they don’t even post one picture to let me know it was received. I sometimes never know if it was even used! So that was good on you – and it was a beautiful quilt!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Thanks Katy! I think interaction is so good too! This week we even started singing to him while we make dinner. And I really and truly appreciate the quilt my very thoughtful friend made for him. She told me a little bit about how much of a project it was. And that makes me even more thankful. Unfortunately quilting is a dying art 😦 I was just telling hubs that I wanted to get a sewing machine to try my hand at making something simple.

      • trikatykid says:

        Quilting is very much alive actually! Check out Modern Quilt Guild. I belong to the Central Oregon chapter. We have about 30 people in our guild and we are one of about 5-7 quilt guilds in the area! It’s a really rewarding hobby and it doesn’t take much to get started! 🙂

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