I’m running again!

Hey guys!

A couple of days ago I got the thumbs up from my doc for running. Well actually she have me the go ahead for everything. She told me to just do what I feel is right, and go slow, but to feel free to try most work outs. For the past 12 days I have actually been following the bikini body mommy series. It’s a 90 day series where she posts work out videos daily. I’m about 5 weeks behind since I had just had Dominic when she started on New Year’s Day. She has a mix of high interval training, weight lifting, and cardio. Overall I like the mix, and I love that she just had a baby too and is able to do the work outs. Very cool.

Anyways back to my run. Yesterday was a cardio day, where you do 45 minutes of anything that gets your heart rate going. Since I had gotten the go ahead from my doc the day before, I couldn’t wait to get out and run!


I had downloaded a free interval timer for the other hiit work outs with the 90 day challenge.


I decided to use it for a 1min walk/1min run work out. This timer (from what I could tell) only has one setting. It’s for a 23 minute work out, where you are in a high intensity for a minute and low intensity for 1:15. I just reset the timer when it was done to get the full 45 minutes in. It worked out perfectly!


I even got a little high tech (for me) with wireless headphones.


I got them at Costco with my Christmas cash, and I’m really glad I did. It was nice to not have to worry about any type of wires while I was running. I threw away the box, but I think they are Motorola s-11 in hd. Sound quality is great for what I need, and they stayed in place the entire time.

And as far as the run went, it went great! I felt good during the entire run. My legs felt a little sore towards the end, so I opted to walk the last few intervals. Today I feel really great, just a teensy bit sore. I think I will try to throw a run in once or twice a week.

There was this awesome moment during my run where a fellow runner passed me coming from the opposite direction. She gave me a big thumbs up and said “good job”. I felt an immediate rush of emotions and could feel my eyes welling up. It has been almost a year since I have even tried running, and I couldn’t even bring myself to walk very much during my pregnancy as the music and the scenery just brought up the fact that I wasn’t running. But today I was able to run, and this person reminded me of how great I was doing. Yes I was running at an unbelievably slow pace. And yes I’m terribly out of shape. And yes she was in great shape, and I could have taken it as a pity kudo. But I sincerely feel like the running community doesn’t really pass out pity to other runners regardless of their physical abilities. I know anytime I see another active person I always shoot them a smile or a “good morning”. This other fellow runner’s “good job” and thumbs up just really made my day. She reminded me that I am a runner, and that I am doing a good job. This also reminds me to shoot out kudos even more. More than just a smile, but a thumbs up or a “great job. Something super motivating to pass on this great spirit. I am just on cloud 9 over here and trying to enjoy this moment. I can’t wait to run more, when my body is ready and better conditioned. I seriously can’t wait.

Ok now that I’ve gotten all deep and emotional, here’s a shot of me and Dom yesterday morning.


Could he get any cuter? The answer is no. Love him!

Last time you gave kudos to a fellow runner? If nothing recently, do it on your next run…even if you are on a treadmill at the gym! You never know how much it will motivate that person.



7 thoughts on “I’m running again!

  1. magnuminsp says:

    Glad you are back to running!!
    For your run/walk interval, there is an app, run/walk intervals which allows you more settings.
    Yes, those are the, if I am not mistaken, discontinued, s-11s. I had the S 10s, which were great except they only lasted six months. Motorola was great and gave me an upgraded version, SF-600s, for free. They still perform great!

    I always tell someone they are doing great or some sort of comment when running on the road. Since we moved, everyone here is much more friendlier and in some instances, it is hard to finish a run because everyone wants to talk!

  2. Kerrie says:

    Nice post! Glad your back out there! 🙂
    Every time I pass another runner, I can’t help but smile. I think its a runner thing – friendly and supportive!

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