The comeback plan!

Hey guys! So you know I just had a baby about 4 weeks ago. And I haven’t really mentioned anything about fitness or weight or eating on here in awhile. Well that is going to change! I have a comeback plan, and I’ve already started!

Let’s look at the baby before we dive in!


And one of me and him, because I’m obsessed!


I began by weighing myself last Thursday. This is my jumping off point. I don’t feel 100% comfortable posting the number, because as I mentioned while I was pregnant, the numbers really messed with my head. So instead I’ll just share my losses with you, as they happen. My goal is to lose 38 pounds in the next 4 or 5 months.

I decided that the best way to jump into a comeback plan is slowly! (Hello, I just got sliced open 4 weeks ago!) I want to cut calories, but not too drastically. For that reason I decided to start with an actual exercise plan. Something simple, and something fun. My exercise plan is 3 fold, I received a fitbit for Christmas, and I have been wearing it ever since. I wanted to see a difference between effort and no effort. And I see it!


The nice thing about the fitbit is that it tracks more than just steps in a day. You can track your calories, water intake, and your sleep habits. With having a newborn it’s interesting to see how much sleep I am getting. Last night was a decent night and I got 6 hours! Woot! Of course he did wake up about 3 times, but it’s getting better! And during the day, since I am tracking my movements a little closer I decided that I would do all of Mr. Dom’s diaper changes upstairs in his nursery. I have seen my steps quadruple by adding this simple step.

The second part of exercising is doing some actual exercising. Carlo received and XBOX one for Christmas, and we decided to put it in the living room. This way we could do more games as a family. I have already bought 2 awesome games to help myself shed some pounds in a fun way.



The XBOX one also has a “fitness” section with lots of work out videos to try. They range from P90x to insanity, and I think I saw some Jillian Michael’s Shred on there. But I’ll save that for later. For now my goal is to do some sort of activity before lunch 5 days a week. I’m really not trying to “push it”. I just want to get some movement in, and sweat a little. And actually since I have started, now it’s something I have been looking forward to! I hope this continues!

And my third way of exercising probably won’t start for a week or 2, when I get the official clearance from the doc. But, of course, I want to start walk/running at least once a week. And yoga once a week. I know the priority is Dom, but we all as mother’s know we need a little “me” time as well.

Last, but not least, I want to sign up for a weigh in challenge at my local running store.


It’s a weekly weigh in, and it starts Saturday. There is a fee, and you earn it back by losing weight. I’m hoping to make some strides in the clean eating department this week, so I can start off with my best foot forward!

That’s my plan guys! I am so excited to get started, and I haven’t decided yet to make it a weekly thing or a daily thing, or a weekly and daily thing. I dunno. You guys know I like to shoot from the hip, I know I’ll be checking in with this at least once a week.

Anyone else working out with video games?



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