40 Weeks and I’m still pregnant

Hey guys I’m in my 40th week of pregnancy. So it could be any day now that my little bub could make his appearance. I have had some “false alarms” in the last week. And my poor hubs is on edge, constantly asking me “how do you feel?”

In the meantime I pretty much have done everything on my maternity leave checklist.

Christmas cards
Christmas lights
Christmas cookies
relax (ongoing)
deep clean everything!!
freezer meals
And I’m ALMOST done with my Christmas shopping. Just one more stop to a winery to pick up a case of wine. I was secretly hoping bub would be here already and I could do some sampling when we got the wine. But at this point I just want the errand out of the way. I think we are getting the wine later today. You know, after more relaxing.

Here’s a belly shot while I am working on a baby blanket for a friend.


See, I’m still preggers.

On another more fitness related note, I have been researching the fitbit devices.

I was thinking about getting one of these bad boys.


I know I can’t just jump right back into a crazy fitness routine for a while. But I was thinking this would help motivate me to just get up and get going on a daily basis.

Have you ever used a fitbit? Would you recommend it? Have you used a comparable device? Thoughts?

I’m going to start doing jumping jacks tomorrow to get the bub out. I’m hoping he makes his appearance tomorrow!!! It would give me a whole week of bonding before Christmas, but I know babies don’t go by a schedule.

Any tips on going into labor?



4 thoughts on “40 Weeks and I’m still pregnant

  1. Kerrie says:

    According to people I know (as I’m not brave enough for babies just yet!) Pineapple is supposed to be good…Hope you don’t have long left to wait 🙂

  2. Tiffany F. says:

    I tried every trick on the book with no such luck. I ended up being induced! Try eggplant, balsamic, or spicy foods. =) You could try a longish walk but that just gave me Braxton Hicks.

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