Officially on maternity leave

This past week or so has been great as far as the awesomeness of Thanksgiving and family gathering.


My mom also celebrated her 50th


Happy Birthday Mom!

She was hoping the bub would be born on her birthday. At this point I’m happy he’s still “baking”.

Last week at my doctor’s appointment, the doc told me that I would probably deliver the bub the following week. Which means this week! She also said he will be about 8 pounds, and that I could totally handle it. This threw a wrench into all of my planning. Mostly because my last day of work was supposed to be the 12th. However my last day of work ended up being the 7th! I know I should be super happy that I’m not working, and essentially getting partially paid for it. But I’m not. I guess I will need to just get used to relaxing for the next week or so.

There are a TON of things I need to do in the next week:
Send out Christmas cards
See some Christmas lights
Make some cookies
Clean out my closet and bedroom
Deep clean all bathrooms
Keep up with the laundry (I usually do it once a week, and with my luck I’ll go into labor on laundry day!)
Finish Christmas shopping (Friday)
Make/stock up on some freezer meals
And also relax some more

I have been having a lot of Braxton hicks contractions. They are mostly just uncomfortable, not necessarily painful. However the “lightening” stuff going on in my hips is absolutely unbearable at times. I am also in full “waddle” mode. And I’m so slow when I walk. I’m not doing it on purpose, as much as hubby hubs tells me I’m doing the slow walk on purpose.

Here’s me a couple days ago at 39 weeks


Ok I know it seems like I have a ton of stuff to do, but if the bub comes tomorrow I would be happy! I am super excited to meet him!!

Do you guys have a list of winter Christmas stuff to do? Are you finished Christmas shopping??



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