Happy Birthday to me and 37 Weeks!

My birthday started out a little rocky. I had (and still have) some wicked insomnia. I was up at 3 or 4, couldn’t sleep so I stayed up and watched some reruns of Gilmore Girls. Once everyone was up, we had some errands to run. And I saw this balloon at the grocery store


I think it was a good sign for the rest of my day 😉

I ended up treating myself to an extra hot chai tea latte.


There’s just something about specialty drinks that NEED to be extra hot. Trust me on this, try it!

Hubs and I both had the day off, and I had some loose plans for lunch and shopping. We got to one of my favorite restaurants around 11, and hubs was in no hurry to get in the restaurant. He told me that it was because he wanted to listen a radio show for a few minutes. After I complained (hello! It’s my birthday! Why are we doing what HUBS wants?) we went inside. Hubs ran off to the bathroom as soon as we got there. And then told the waitress he wasn’t ready to order. Which is weird because he gets the same thing every time we go there. Then I realized something, we weren’t having lunch alone! One of my favorite people met us for lunch and was running late, so hubs was stalling! Cute, right?


Hubs aunt Cindy is like a second mother to me. We always have a great time together. And she brought me a piñata!!


Once lunch was done, we had the most important errand to run.


I really wanted a coach diaper bag. I know, I know, an overpriced bag to put diapers in. But I like coach bags, and it was my 30th birthday, and I did need a diaper bag, AND a diaper bag is pretty much your purse when you’re a mom. I’m not going to be a weirdo carrying 2 bags. Anyways I’m completely in love.


Hubs made me a steak dinner, and it was delicious!


Then came time to dismantle the piñata!


It was filled with dollar bills, gold chocolate coins, gift cards, and confetti. It was super fun to open!

Aunt Cindy also made me my favorite dessert. Apple crisp, and sent it with 3 candles. Love her!


One of the best birthdays I have had. And we are so close to delivery! I have to put some finishing touches on the nursery in the next couple of days. So if you’re lucky I’ll put another post up about the finished nursery by thanksgiving!



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