35 Weeks

I’ve reached the point of my pregnancy where I’m uncomfortable all. The. Time. I know I have only 5 weeks left, but I was so sick of not fitting into any of my maternity pants. Well except for my leggings. The things that an elephant could fit into. But I digress, I bought 2 pairs of decent fitting pants for the next 5 weeks.

Here’s me at 35 weeks and my new yoga-ish pants.


The nice thing about these pants are that they were actually long enough for me. A lot of yoga pants are just too damn short and show off my socks. These are perfect length. I know, I know, I’ll probably only use them for about 2 months. But I’m huge and uncomfortable, and any little thing that helps with those two things are magic in my eyes.

Here’s a few more other things that I have been loving this week.


The McRib is back!!!!!!! I love them sooo much. And even more now that I’m prego! Carlo loves them as much as I do, so I have an evil McRib buddy to help feed my addiction 😉

Sleep has been way better ever since I tried these!


Sleeping was awful because my sinuses would get all blocked, then I would sleep with my mouth open. Which lead me to the worst dry mouth of my life. Like having a hangover, with out drinking type of dry mouth. Ugh. Every morning it was like that, and it was awful! Then I found the magical strips, and my sleep is way better. Now I just toss and turn about 20 times a night trying to get comfortable.

The other goings on in my life included going to a warriors game.


I was uncomfortable almost the entire time. Climbing a ton of stairs after eating dinner while being prego…not good! But I survived! And even though I look totally annoyed in this pic, I’m really not. I just thought hubs had already taken the pic.


While we were there I picked up some warriors gear for the bub.


I bought a 6/9 month size. And then quickly realized that bub will only be able to fit into them during the summer months, or probably earlier than that. So if I’m lucky he will be able to wear a onesie during one of the last games of this season. Eh, hindsight is 20/20. It’s all good, I’ll just buy him a few more at the end of the season when they are 50% off. Problem solved!

I also went on a walk with Miss Jessica on Monday.


And I have my second baby shower coming up this Saturday.


It’s super hero themed, and it should be super fun!

Any other McRib fans out there?



5 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. strowbrm says:

    I could literally eat a hamburger every single day. I’m not so much for the McRib, but any burger I can get my hands on is the best thing ever. Also, I convinced my husband this weekend to let me buy a pair of pants that were about two sizes too big for me just because they were so stinking comfortable. That was vetoed so here I sit in relatively comfortable clothes, but I’m still dreaming about those pants…..

  2. rae says:

    Yes! McRib is the best!! Super cute baby shower theme-Love it! Also, loving the color of your shoes! I need to get some new ones and love bright colors!

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