34 weeks

This past weekend was really fun! I had plans to head to apple hill with my mom, her fiancée, Carlo, and my cousin (who is just 2 years younger than Carlo).


Apple hill is in Placerville, and basically consists of about 40 farms where you can buy apples from the orchards on apple hill. Most of them are open only 3-4 months out of the year, and have tons of delicious baked goods to choose from too!

Our first stop was the Jack Russell Brewery.


I picked up some beer for the hubs, and was secretly jealous of every. Single. Person. There. All the more reason to visit next year.

Next up was rainbow orchards


This place is known for its apple cider donuts!


Definitely enjoyed a few of these bad boys! According to all of the foodie blogs and reviews, rainbow had the best apple cider donuts. And they did not disappoint!

And here’s a rare shot of me next to my mom.


It’s rare because my mother hates getting her picture taken. And when we stand next to each other I look like a giant, and she looks like a hobbit. But yes, this 4’10” woman produced me, a 5’9″ monstrosity.

We hit a few more farms, but it was way too busy to take any pictures. We basically just stopped to grab some apple butter, and jet! And I have been enjoying my apple butter every morning.

I ❤ apple butter!



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