World’s Largest Corn Maze

I bet you didn’t know that I live just about 15 minutes from the World’s Largest Corn Maze? It’s true, well according to 2007 Guinness book of world record’s.


It’s true if the sign says so.

First stop was to get our map.


Yes, it’s as intimidating as it looks. A friend of mine told me that she and her hubby had finished in a little under an hour. That was the bar I was measuring the maze by. When I told hubs the timing, he was less than excited. But I had already bought the tickets, and we were already in the maze. I took the map, and started following the grid, and did pretty well until we got to the diagonal part. Then it got dark, and the hubs’ phone died, and not everyone was as optimistic as I was.

We ended up finishing in a little under 2 hours.


And that’s only because we began to follow some other groups. We were hoping someone knew what they were doing. And I think we went in circles a few times, but we finally finished, and we were very happy to be done.

I figured it gave me a good gage for the turkey trot, hubs will have no problem finishing a 5k. He says he’s excited about it. Well at least he knows how long it is, and how to find his way to the end with out a map!

Have you ever gotten lost in a corn maze?

Favorite corn maze memory?



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