Baby Shower #1

This past Saturday my amazing in-laws threw me a baby shower. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing support system.

The first stop was the adorable drink station.


There were two lemonades, one with vodka, and one with out. Guess which one I drank?


Doesn’t it look like something right out of Pinterest?

I also took a gander and scoped out the food situation. They had my favorite craving since I’ve been prego. INDIAN FOOD!


It was DELICIOUS! And then I had one of each of the desserts, which also included all of the sweets I had been craving in the past 32 weeks.


And yes I had one of each. Seriously so good!


The games were super fun! Forgive the blurry pics, it’s what you get when you rush to take pics, because you’re so excited.



They also had this one where all my guests got to write down some advice or well wishes and put it in an envelope. Each envelope represented how many guests were there, and I get to open one up a day 36 days leading up to my due date. Love that, right?


My amazing aunt (in-law) did all of this for me. I am so thankful for her and the rest of my in-laws for putting this whole shin-dig together.

And of course there were presents.


I got so many cute baby outfits, toys, blankets, hats, etc, and I just am so excited to meet this little guy and enjoy all the fun goodies I got from this shower.

I have my 3d/4d ultrasound scheduled for this Saturday and I seriously can not wait to see what this little guy looks like!



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