Always tie down your boat

Yesterday miss Jessica and I set out to hike the big hill by the Lagoon.


It was hot and muggy, and I was unprepared. My feet and hands were pretty swollen by the end of the hike. But after I drank a couple bottles of water, took a shower, and ate something I felt way better. And here’s my stats according to my heart rate monitor.


And on the way home I saw this crazy sight, and I had to take a video of a boat falling off it’s hitch. Here’s a pic of it.


Crazy, right? It’s like they didn’t tie it down or something?

I spent the rest of my day doing laundry and going grocery shopping. I also made a quick stop to a local fruit/veggie stand called Larry’s. Here’s a small view of it. Keep in mind it’s Monday and around noon.


I was really surprised at how busy it was. I couldn’t even find a parking spot in the lot, I had to park on the side of the road.

This morning I woke up with tons of energy. I had a craving for pancakes, and decided to go for chocolate chip pancakes.


They turned out pretty good! Even though they were not burned, they were cooked all the way through. I couldn’t say the same thing about the last batch of pancakes I made.


Hubs even enjoyed them, except he says he prefers plain pancakes. I just told him, “good thing I made them for myself.” He kissed me and then left for work. Gotta love that man.

Last time you had chocolate chip pancakes?



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