Walking and Larry’s

I actually have been doing pretty good at getting 3-4 days of exercise in a week. This morning Vinny, Carlo, and I had a great 2 mile walk.


Besides walking I have been doing that What To Expect workout. The ones that you can do barefoot.

I really wanted to set myself up for success this week, so I headed to Larry’s for some fresh produce.


I bought a giant thing of mixed greens, 4 avocados, 6 Asian pears, 2 pounds of grapes, 3 cucumbers, and 3 sweet potatoes. All for about $15 bucks.


I’m kind of excited about all the fresh salads I’ll be making for my lunches next week.

Speaking of fresh, after I took Carlo to his 8th grade orientation we went to get some ice cream.


I saw the advertisement for the Oreo salted caramel ice cream, and I had to try some. It’s one of those pregnancy things, seeing delicious food on tv, and then needing to eat it!

On a completely separate note the other day my hands and feet felt a little swollen. I also felt a little itchy, then I was reading up about pregnancy things. Then I came across Pre-eclampsia, and I was a little stressed that my blood pressure was high. So after Larry’s I headed to a store with a blood pressure machine taker.


And according to this, I’m fine.


I also did a little meal plan set up for the week.

Monday-turkey meatloaf
Tuesday-hamburger helper
Wednesday-orange chicken
Thursday-turkey tacos
Friday-hubs decides

I haven’t felt good enough to do meal planning since before I got pregnant, so that’s something.

Have you ever used one of those blood pressure machine takers? Was it pretty accurate?

Has anyone tried that Oreo caramel ice cream? It’s so good!



One thought on “Walking and Larry’s

  1. Tiffany F. says:

    I was just thinking about you yesterday! I was missing your posts and was wondering how you were feeling. Glad to hear your energy levels are up! I’ve got the third trimester exhaustion so I’m not doing much besides walking these days.

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