Lucky me!

I had the worst craving for Indian food on Saturday night. My amazing husband and I went to all the local Indian places and most of them closed at 6pm! It’s like we love in an old person town, where people only eat the early bird special? Or these restaurant-owners are party animals? Either way my only option was the new place at the mall. Lucky for us we got awesome parking!


We ordered some lamb curry and chicken tandoori. Both orders came with rice and no naan. I asked how big the naan order was for 1.99. The girl said 4 pieces, I was like, score! Until I got home and realized it was ONE PIECE, cut into four pieces. And the naan was greasy. And the chicken wasn’t cooked all the way. And the curry was delicious. And thank god for delicious curry. I just plopped it on top of my rice and ignored all the bad things that went wrong with this food.


And since I didn’t satisfy the craving all the way…I’m headed to Trader Joes to pick up some naan and curry today.

Yesterday was hubby’s grandma’s 82nd bday. I feel really blessed to have his family in my life. They really make me feel like I’m blood and just include me in everything. Hubs sister and Aunt are some of my favorite people to talk to in the entire world. It’s like we are sisters from another mister, and his aunt is like my 2nd mom. I serious love them and love spending time with them.

Here’s a shot of me and his aunt, she really wanted to feel my belly. Especially after hubs grandma and some others had felt it.


The belly rubbing was one of those things that I was dreading about pregnancy. However when you’re around family, I know it’s more of a love thing, so I’m ok with it. I think I’ll have more of a problem when strangers come up to me to rub my belly, not cool.

It was a great party!


I saw this the other day, and it made me laugh out loud. Enjoy!


Favorite Indian food dish? Mine is lamb curry with lots of rice and naan. So bad, but so good!

Anybody run any races this weekend?



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