20 Weeks

I can’t believe it! I am at the 1/2 way point with this pregnancy.


Today was my anatomy scan ultrasound. I wasn’t really nervous until I was walking in. You know all these “what if there’s something wrong with my baby?” feelings were circling around in my head. They all disappeared when I saw the baby on the monitor, and just knew deep down everything would be ok.

I had scheduled my 5 month drs appointment for the same day as the anatomy scan. In fact once the anatomy scan was done I had about 20 minutes to get up stairs for my obgyn appointment. With that in mind, when I got in the room with my dr, he went into his computer and was able to tell me my results right away. And the results were….NORMAL! Nothing was abnormal, and when all was said and done I told the Dr, “I love being normal”

We are also making more progress on the nursery.


Hubs is all about the “Aquaman” theme. I think I like it so much because it’s kind of different from your typical nursery theme. AND because hubs is excited about it. I think it’s really sweet, and I’m totally letting him overindulge in comics.

On a very separate note I wanted to share some rock fishing success Carlo and hubs had the other day.


How many rockfish do you see there? More than 10? Yep. More than 12? Oh ya! He ended up catching 20!! That’s 40 filets. It was the best fishing day he said he had in a very long time. And since I’m pregnant I have only eaten fish once a week. Which is great for this haul. It will make all the delicious fish last longer. This week we went with tacos!


They were very good!

Last time you had fish tacos?

Any ideas for future fish recipes?



3 thoughts on “20 Weeks

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Funny how that motherly instinct kicks in so soon huh? Along that line always listen to your body and if something feels off and I mean really off then don’t be afraid to ask your doc.

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