My new favorite

On Sunday the fam, Cyra and I went on a spectacular hike.


An extremely rare moment for us. Especially hubs. He has actually been working out in the evenings lately. Shocker, right? I can’t ask him too much, or he gets weird. Whatever, I just am happy he’s making small efforts.

After the hike we grabbed some lunch, dropped off my Cyra girlie, and headed to see this movie.


The movie was ok. Not sure if I was just tuckered from the hike, but I fell asleep twice in the middle. I kept waking myself up with an internal monologue… “I paid a lot of money to sit in this seat and WATCH this movie, not to SLEEP through it.” I guess I’m a control freak even when I’m sleeping.

I think I picked out the EXACT stroller I want for the bambino.


I am completely obsessed! Even though I’m not running now, my plan is all of this exercising now is helping gain strength for when I do want to run again, and not re-injure myself.

Speaking of rebuilding strength and injury, I went for my second massage. The first one was AMAZING. She really focused on the painful areas, and felt like it really helped. This one seemed like your run-of-the-mill massage. With one exception: she used a pregnancy pillow. Which was more comfortable than I thought. She just didn’t focus on my hips, and back like she did before. Another weird thing she does is talk to you the entire time. It’s nice, but when I’m sitting there trying to focus on relaxing, she is asking me questions about serious stuff, and then I get all tense and can’t relax. I basically felt more stressed leaving the massage this week. I guess that’s my answer for whether or not I should get another one from her.

And here’s my new favorite thing


I actually grumbled when I bought these because I was looking for plain. Confession: I have never tried an everything bagel. I know, right? And it is so good! If you like bagels and haven’t tried them, do it! You won’t be sorry 😉

Jogging mamas: what kind of stroller do you use for jogging/running with your babes? Any other advice?

Do you love everything bagels?

Would you keep going to this massage therapist? Or would you try someone else?



6 thoughts on “My new favorite

  1. Tiffany F. says:

    We bought the Bumbleride Indie. I don’t think it’s strictly considered a jogging stroller but is functional as both. I don’t blame on running any half marathons with the bub, so it should do. =) We didn’t want to have to buy two strollers, so this fit the bill. And it comes in a lot of super cute colors.

    I’ve been getting prenatal massages monthly for the last 3 months. It really helps with my back soreness especially since I work a desk job. Sometimes it hurts like hell because my back is so tight but it’s so worth it.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      See, the first massage did hurt like hell, but this one was way more gentle. I liked that she went so deep, it felt like it made a difference…oh well. I think I’m going to do some research and find someone else.

      That stroller is so cute! Omg so many awesome options! Thanks for the tip 😉

      • Tiffany F. says:

        Baby gear shopping can’t be overwhelming, so don’t let it stress you out too much!! I highly recommend the Baby Bargains book. It goes through ratings and different price points. It helps sort through all the muck!

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