Telling Carlo

Last night we FINALLY told Carlo that I was pregnant. There were a few reasons why we wanted to wait. First off we wanted to make sure the pregnancy was going well and healthy. Second, Carlo is my stepson and we share custody of him. We do have full custody, but he does spend 2 full weeks with his mother each summer. We wanted to wait until after his little vacay, so he could enjoy his trip and not worry about me. Well he returned last night, and I was beyond excited to see him! I love reunions! I missed him SO SO SO SO SO much! I can’t say this enough, but he is just everything to me.

Ok back to telling Carlo I’m pregnant.

Hubs and I had a plan.

Step one: hubs was to pick him up and buy him any video game he wanted. Yes we spoil him rotten, and we don’t care.

Step two: I had arranged for a special t-shirt to be made, saying that he was a “big brother”.

Step three: let him choose what he wanted for dinner. He chose pesto linguini with shrimp. It was delicious!

Step four: I also had some special cupcakes made that said “congrats big brother”.


Step five: tell him he’s going to be a big brother….

What was his reaction? Mostly shock. Then happiness! He was really excited! And even more excited that we are having a boy! So he can teach him all about growing up and being awesome. I think I was more nervous about telling Carlo that I was pregnant, than anyone else.


I think the coolest moment was when we were all sitting down and talking about what kind of big brother Carlo was going to be, Carlo brought up how he knew he would eventually become a big brother. “It was only a matter of time” he says. That kid is a fortune teller! Haha!

Any races this weekend?? I saw this quote on one of my fb race pages, and I totally agree!




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