State fair and dock diving

We had signed up Miss Klaire for some dock diving, and with that we got free entry and parking to the state fair.


Klaire and hubs were really excited to get to the dock.


Aren’t they cute together?


And then she jumped!




Splash Dog is mostly about dogs jumping off of a dock and into a giant pool. They measure the jumps by distance from where the tail hits the water. I think Klaire’s best jump was 7feet.

There are “waves” you can sign up for, and today there were 2 waves. One at 11, and the other at 1. They have a lineup, and each dog gets 2 jumps. Since we only had 1 dog, there was plenty of time to enjoy the fair while the dogs rested in the shade.

First up, fried veggies!


You go to the fair, you have to eat something deep fried.

We went back to the dock diving, did our jumps, and headed back out for some lunch!


My “dog mom” and I both went for turkey leg and corn. Hubs even scored a bite.


My dog mom brought Tara, and she is Klaire’s daughter.


Tara ended up jumping over 13 feet! Woot go Tara!


It was such a great day! Here’s Klaire’s winning ribbons.


Have you been to your local fair yet this summer?

Favorite fair food?



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