Date Night!

Last night hubs and I had a great date night. It went so good, I completely forgot to take pictures. Oops! We didn’t do anything exciting, but we had a great dinner at our favorite greek restaurant. And even tried ice cream at a little cafe/creamery/tamale selling place. It was double rainbow ice cream, so you know it was good!

When hubs and I got home, hubs wanted to put together the new dresser for the nursery. And I let him đŸ˜‰


It took him about an hour and a half. Plus he got to use his drill. He felt very manly! We weren’t sure of the colors, we went with a blue for the walls, and the dresser is cherry. I think it will be ok once we get more accessories.


This morning I finished off the rest of the best tomatoes ever. And I need to learn how to tilt my phone better, so my pictures aren’t sideways.


Then I went on a fabulous 2 mile walk with Mr. Brass.


And promptly foam rolled right when I got home. Lots of ouch!


Guess what? The baby is the size of a sweet potato! I love these quirky milestones!


The baby also will learn how to yawn this week. He is also in full ninja mode, able to kick, punch, and roll over. And his nervous system is beginning to develop.

Any racing plans this weekend?

Did you get your long run in?



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