Mission: escape the heat!

I live in Northern California, and we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave! We are totally spoiled and not used to 110 degrees end of June/beginning of July. Since it has been so hot, on Sunday we set out to escape! We decided we wanted oysters, so Tomales Bay, here we come!

First stop, a must!


This was on the way to Tomales Bay, in Petaluma area. It was barely 10 o’clock, but that didn’t stop me from trying every type of cheese. And we took some for the road.

Luckily we made it to the oyster place before it got crowded.


We hadn’t been here in about a year, but dang! There were pic-nic tables everywhere. Just a small glimpse, there were probably 40 more tables. And you had to call ahead to reserve them.


We just wanted oysters, so we had 10 minutes to decide (we were in the 10 min. parking). Hubs went with this spread.


A dozen small, a dozen extra small, and some limes, ice, and special oyster sauce. We had brought a cooler and had plans to BBQ most of them later. (If you ever make the trip, keep in mind it is a cash only situation). However we wanted some now. So we looked up a place that was close to enjoy some oysters, and hang out a bit more.


It was called “The Marshall Store”, and it was fabulous. They had lots of oyster options, plus clam chowder, and some crab and other seafood cocktails.

Hubs opted for raw.


I am obsessed with BBQ.


Hubs said his were amazing. But mine were just too good to be true. It’s like when you have a taste for something and you finally get it, and it’s heavenly. That’s what these BBQ oysters were for me. Just really hit the spot.

We hung out for a bit more, since the weather was perfect!


It was great how much out door seating there was. And the views were awesome. So glad we made the trip.

Last time you had oysters?

Prefer raw or BBQ?



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