The hike that turned into a walk

Jessica and I had plans to go to a new to us hiking area on Thursday. I was excited to check something new out, and the trail looked promising from the “everytrail” app.


Hiking, walking, family friendly, and 1-3 hours sounded perfect!

The trail was next to a fishing spot, which brought a lot of wind.


They also had this 3-d map of mount diablo and all the surrounding towns. It was kinda cool.



While we were there we ran into some bird watchers. These people are no joke about watching birds. I heard the main tour guide guy yelling things like “I see a red something or other and it’s flying into that pole, oh now he’s gone! Who saw that?” It was serious stuff.


We finally were on our way to our hike. Which ended up being more like a walk. No hills whatsoever. And it was a little confusing how half the trail was in a residential area. But eventually we figured out how to follow the signs, and our mile count was 6.85 miles. Woot!

I would probably rate this hike 3 out of 5 stars. Not much shade, or scenic, but it is a great trail for someone with a stroller (which we saw a few of) and maybe on a cooler day.

Tackled any new trails lately?



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