Wrapping up Tahoe

Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

We are home from Tahoe, here’s a few pics from the trip.


Food was great, and my mom and her boyfriend Jim came up and joined us for dinner on one of the nights. It’s always nice to see family.

One particularly awesome thing that happened was that Carlo, hubs, and Jim went on a charter boat to fish for some mackinaw trout. And they had success!



They ended up catching 4 fish. The charter recommended to take the fish to a local restaurant to be prepared. Which is exactly what we did, and we were not disappointed.

We decided to get the fish prepared blacked and fried. They have a third option which included a cream sauce, but since 3 of us have a lactose intolerance we decided against it. And if we could go back and choose again, we would choose all blackened. It was so good!

The other highlight was walking from the cabin to the lake. Don’t mind my hair.


I miss Tahoe already!

Have you ever been on a charter fishing trip? Did you catch anything?



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