Helloooooo from Tahoe!

We made it! We left our house around 8, and were in Tahoe around 11. The drive is so scenic.


First stop was the cabin.


Carlo had to check to make sure the right sheets were on his bed.


Hubs was just checking out all the old pics all over the cabin. It’s been a couple of years since we have been to the cabin. And it’s as quaint as we remembered.


We were starving, so we hit up our favorite burger spot.


Yes we got nacho fries, no I don’t feel guilty.


We walked around the strip for about an hour to burn some nacho fries calories. Then saw this movie


If you are on the fence about this movie, GO! It was the best movie I have seen in like forever! The zombies were amazing, there were a few “jump” spots in the movie, and it was fast paced and didn’t drag. I loved it! And I don’t even like zombie movies.

On the agenda tomorrow? Talk Carlo into a hike, if it doesn’t rain.

Have you seen World War Z? Did you love/hate it?


4 thoughts on “Helloooooo from Tahoe!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Yep, been in hubs’ family for like 30 years or more. Thanks! It is a blast from the past, but that’s what we love about it. Just here for 4 days, wish it was longer!

      • trikatykid says:

        Enjoy every minute! I am sure you will. I love little time keepers like that! So fun. 🙂

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