First hike of the Summer

Is Summer here already?

Last night I met up with some awesome friends so we could catch up on the last year or so since we have seen them.


Cathy is in green, and also our (hubs and mine) Dogmom. She lives close enough where we see her about once a week. Tara is that crazy black dog she is holding. She is actually the first Patterdale terrier to ever earn a Super Dog title in the UKC. You have to earn a title in every single dog event that UKC offers, show, racing, obedience, weight pull, and probably a dozen other things. That dog is no joke!

Then there’s Bob and Paulette who moved to Arizona a couple of years ago with their dog, Mack. Mack is quite a dog himself, he is actually the sire (dad) to Tara and was apart of our very first litter. We are so blessed that we can still see him 6 years later. And see Bob and Paulette.

We all go way back with dog showing, and I miss them terribly. We ended up laughing until we were crying for most of the dinner. Good thing we were in a loud restaurant. I think we will be planning a trip to AZ in October. I haven’t been, so it’s kind of exciting.

In other news, this morning I headed to Rockville for some hiking fun!


I had to choose which trail to follow pretty early into the hike.


I went with Devil’s Backbone. I love this trail. It’s difficulty is perfect for me. It’s mostly uphill for the first half, and downhill for the second half. I was done in a little over an hour. And I burned this many calories.


Brass and I had a great time!


It’s almost like I went for a run.

Now I’m planning out the next week and trying to fit in several more hikes.

Have you gone hiking recently? Where?



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