Dog food

Hey guys! Happy Monday! It’s actually my Sunday and I’m sitting here with a carpet estimate guy trying to figure out prices.


Possible new carpet color…

Yesterday hubs realized we were out of dog food, so we (meaning hubs) pulled out the grinder, and got to work.


We get chicken quarters, chop them up into manageable chunks, and grind them, bone and all, for our dog food. We supplement with yogurt, cottage cheese, dog vitamins, and whatever is leftover in the fridge. I think tonight the dogs are going to get a pulled pork sandwich. We have 5 dogs, and they all get equal parts. It’s like they get a bite and a half of the leftovers. I like to think of it as a nice treat 😉

We package in tubs like these.


And freeze until needed. 5 dogs goes through one tub every 2-3 days. It took hubs about an hour of prepping, grinding, packing, and cleaning to get 12 tubs. Which will hopefully last a full month.

Is raw food cheaper? No.

Why raw? We noticed some skin issues a few years back, did research, and tried it. Our dogs loved it, and we have been doing it ever since.

Highlights of the weekend included this bag of kettle corn while watching a movie I hadn’t seen on Netflix.


Also hubs and I took a walk by the marina after dinner on Friday night.


I finally tried the “pink star” at Jamba Juice. It’s part of the “secret menu”, and tastes just like a pink starburst.


What kind of food do you feed your dogs?

What are some “secret menu” items that you order when eating out.



4 thoughts on “Dog food

  1. Dawn H. says:

    You guys are amazing dog parents! I’ve thought about going raw with our cats…but kibble is just so easy right now. we just get the high quality stuff and supplement with yogurt and canned pumpkin.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I just heard about the “pink star” from a coworker. Also there’s a “white gummy” that tastes like a white gummy bear. That’s all I know…but I’m sure you could find something online.

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