Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

My week is going good! I feel like I’m making healthier food choices, and trying to get moving more. Today I headed out with Mr. Vinny for a casual 1 mile morning walk.


Perk of casual morning walk?


Wearing sandals! Love.

I also was really enjoying all the flowers in bloom! And perfectly fragrant.


During the walk I downloaded the Mapmywalk app. I didn’t want to mess up my overall average on my Nike app with all the future walks. And I’m kind of bummed that I haven’t been tracking them this whole time. Each mile counts!


Random side note, my house got a facelift! Well it’s half way done. First step was getting it painted.


Too bright? Ya that was my first thought too, but I kind of love it now. The door is a burnt red-orange to match the roof tiles. And I love it! Next step is windows. They have been ordered and will be installed (hopefully) next week.

Do you use the mapmywalk app? Any tips?

What color is your house?



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