I <3 BBQ's

Carlo, hubs, and I had the last 2 days off together. It’s shocking that we didn’t rip each other’s heads off. Hello, I have a 13 year old and a husband who both think they are right ALL. THE. TIME.

Sunday we had lunch with the in-laws at a cute little spot in Martinez.


The food was really good. And here’s an great shot of hubs with his dad.


There was an adorable little farmer’s market right down the street, so we moseyed on down, and scooped up some delicious stuff. These strawberries were the first picks! So delicious and ripe!


We also grabbed some grass fed steaks and zucchini that we threw in the grill for dinner.


And in the spirit of the weather being sunny, I made some sun tea.


Sun tea was always a staple in my mom’s house in the summer. No lemon, no sugar. My mom and I would drink plain tea by the gallon. We were weird, but it’s still something that brings great memories to mind.

Since Sunday was so perfect. Monday, of course, was not. Carlo told hubs and I Sunday night that he had a project due on Wednesday morning. Guess what we ended up doing all of Monday? Yep, we wrote a report on Eugene Mirman, the voice of “Gene” on Bob’s Burgers.

8 hours later…report and poster done.


We are all smiles when the project is done. The report also had a requirement about a video aspect. ie bring a device (iPhone, iPad, etc) to school for them to watch?? I’ve decided to just write a note about the cost of these items and the likelihood that Carlo will either lose it or get it stolen. I don’t know. I just hope this doesn’t make him fail the class or anything.

Best summer drink memory?

How did you celebrate the holiday?



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