A long walk…

I started my day by making some chocolate chip banana muffins.


Then went for an obscenely long walk with a long lost running buddy. Who, ironically, still runs, while I do not.


The walk lasted about 4 miles. They were fast. Maybe a little too fast for me. I have shin splints and my leg hurts today. I need to learn how to speak up and say when I feel like I am going too fast when I’m with friends. Lesson learned.

The evening was spent with these guys.


We went out to dinner and then saw this movie


If there’s one thing you have to know about me is this. I don’t see movies with “The Rock”(or whatever other name he goes by) in them. I made an exception just because Carlo asked nicely. And I actually enjoyed the movie, even though I cringed every time I heard “The Rock” speak.

How was your Friday?

Do you speak up when you are working out with friends and feel like something is wrong? Going to fast etc?



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