I’m a noob

Yesterday I met up with Jessica for a walk around the lagoon. I really love getting a gentle work out in with a friend. It makes the time pass way faster!


I had plans to wake up early, and hit the gym for a group Zumba class. When I went to bed last night I really didn’t think I would make it. HOWEVER something crazy happened. I woke up 20 minutes before the alarm went off, and I miraculously had enough energy to get my booty out of bed and get going.

I made it to the gym with 30 minutes to spare, I got a group x class card, and waited for the class to start. I found a spot near the back, and I tried not to make a spectacle of myself. Here’s what I learned about Zumba, it’s not as hard as it looks. I have 2 left feet, and I thought I would just be flailing and hoping that no one would notice. That didn’t happen. I just took a deep breath and focused on the instructor and eventually relaxed enough to laugh through most of the work out. Love that! And when I keyed in my work out into MyFitnessPal, and 60 minutes of Zumba burns 881 calories. Having fun while burning loads of calories? Sounds like I found a new favorite!

Sorry for the wordy practically picture less post, but I didn’t want to be the creeper taking pics in the back. Well not yet anyways 😉

Do you Zumba?



One thought on “I’m a noob

  1. Dawn H. says:

    I tried it once, and really liked it after I got over how awkward I looked in the mirror lol. It feels like a great core workout!

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