Keep it rolling

Yesterday I decided to pop in a gentle yoga DVD to stretch everything out. It felt good to really work into those hip flexors and hamstrings. And it felt good to count that as a work out, and work out 2 days in a row. With that being said, I woke up this morning with some new found energy and decided to go for a run. A run outside, on pavement, breathing fresh air.

I quickly changed into my work out clothes, before I could talk myself out of it. I decided to wear the new Pegasus shoesies.


I grabbed Brass, and I was out the door.


They were 2 very slow miles. I did a walk for 1/2 a song, run for 1/2 a song. Basically whatever felt good. Either way, they were my 2 miles. And I enjoyed every second. It was overcast, and a little windy. Felt great!


I feel like I’m at ground zero over here (it’s hard to look at where I was at 6 months ago). But it’s a good thing. Way better than being afraid to go to the dr, and just sitting my ass on the couch for 3 months with an injury. Ya, that was a mistake. Progress is being made, is the point I think I’m trying to make. I like progress. I like to work hard. So here we go! But not too fast, k? Don’t want to get injured again.

Did you run today? Good/bad/ugly?



5 thoughts on “Keep it rolling

  1. Dawn H. says:

    That’s awesome that you’re enjoying your runs – I’ve lost a little of my running mojo so I think I need to start running outside more and enjoying the scenery, instead of the dreadmill.

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