New shoes!

Confession: I haven’t been running. Point blank. I was given the clear by my physical therapist, and I did try to last Saturday. However I feel like I need a little more time. I’m hoping to get some treadmill time sometime this week.

What do you do when you don’t feel up to running after an injury? Buy new shoes? Yes, please!

I decided to finally give in to try Nike shoes for running again. Jessica had raved about “Pegasus” and how I needed to try them. Then there was a sale at the local Nike shoe store. So I gave into temptation, and decided to buy a pair.


And they came in this fabulous teal/green color!


Worst case scenario? I don’t like them for running, and I have some kick around town shoes. Either way I’m in love.

I ended up meeting Jessica this morning for a walk around the lagoon. We cleared 2 miles before 9:30.


And I wore my new Pegasus, so now Jessica and I are shoe twins!


I was expecting some toe pain (like with the other Nike’s) but I felt nothing. They were super comfortable, and I am kind of looking forward to trying them out on the treadmill. Nothing motivates a runner more than new shoes! Do you agree?

Have you ever tried Pegasus?

Thoughts on Nike shoes? Running or otherwise?



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