Hot pink toes, and my new favorite

Hello! Happy Friday!

This week has flown by! A few exciting things have happened.

First, Carlo and I have a new favorite afternoon treat.


The lemonade strawberry chiller thingermabobber from Mickey d’s. so good! Not too tart, not too sweet, it’s just perfect. Well except for the calories. This is definitely a once a week treat.

And second, Hubs and I got some new sunglasses.



Oh and of course, the Warriors won last night!


It was definitely “on the edge of your seat” kind of game! Now we can look forward to their next series!

This morning I had some serious things on my agenda. Getting my toenails painted was at the top of my list.


Hot pink was a must!

The only other thing I have planned is a nap.

How’s your Friday going?

Have you tried that lemonade chiller drink?



One thought on “Hot pink toes, and my new favorite

  1. Dawn H. says:

    I haven’t tried it, but it looks delicious. I’m afraid that once I try one of these addicting Mickey D drinks (Shamrock Shake the most tempting), I won’t be able to stop =P

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