Watermelon is delicious

I started my day at the gym. I finally ran! And it was awesome! I did 8-10 one minute intervals of running and then walking on the treadmill. I kind of lost count when I took some walking intervals at 2 minutes. I did 25 minutes all together. I sealed the walk/jog with some weights, mostly focusing on my arms.

After the gym and a shower I stopped by my local grocery store to pick up some movies from Red Box.


When I almost finished checking out a little old lady was spying on me. I knew this because she parked her gigantic motorized scooter right beside me. I’m talking scooter was touching the Red Box machine next to me. She then asked me.

“Could you help me do something when you’re done?”

All I could think is, Tiffany, remember what happened last time you helped an old lady?


However the words that came out of my mouth were, “sure, no problem.”

She was just curious about Red Box and how it worked. She asked how much it cost, when it has to be returned, etc. She told me her son just rented a movie for $5 from somewhere else, and was shocked that it only cost $1.20 from Red Box. She started giggling, and getting excited! She asked me to help her rent “Lincoln”. I even used the “DVDONME” code, and she squealed when she only had to pay $.33 cents for the Blu ray rental. She thanked me, and giggled some more. All the giggling put me in a great mood. So glad I helped her.

I ended up spying some of these when I walked in the grocery store door, and snagged one on the way out.


I chopped that bad boy up as soon as I got home and fixed myself a gigantic bowl, complete with salt.


Salt + watermelon = deliciousness!

How do you like your watermelon?

How often so you find yourself helping out old people?



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