Walking and hiking

Last night we had our family evening walk. It lasted about 25 minutes, which roughly translates into a mile and some change.


We took Mr. Dread, (as in dread locks since he has a curly coat) and he did great!

It was just really nice to get in some exercise with my boys. I’m hoping we get in 1-2 walks like this a week.

Today Miss Jessica and I met at the lagoon. I brought Brass.


She brought herself! Which was great since we got to chat it up around the lagoon, on a gorgeous morning.


We almost did 2 miles, go us! We rock! It was on a dirt path, so it was kind of like hiking?


And I completely devoured my new favorite yogurt after the walk.


(Yep, still rocking the thumb splint.)

My favorite flavors are peach, mango, and honey. But they are all good!

I got 2 legit work outs in in the past 2 days. Feeling good!

What are you feeling good about?

What’s your favorite type of yogurt?



10 thoughts on “Walking and hiking

  1. cathyo says:

    When I was in Vermont for march break I tried Chobani. It was awesome. I liked all the flaovurs but peach is my favourite overall flavour. I’m bummed we don’t have Chobani up here in Canada.

      • cathyo says:

        I was at Okemo Mountain ski hill in south Vermont. the town is called Ludlow. South of Killington somewhere. We got our groceries in Bennington, VT on the way to the hill. That’s where I found the Chobani and bought one of every flavour they had to try, since I had heard so much about it on other blogs. It was GOOD!

      • trikatykid says:

        I am a Vermonter.. I live in Oregon now, but I know Ludlow and Bennington well.. Chobani is not from Vermont.. but I am glad you discovered it!!

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