Walking and hiking

Last night we had our family evening walk. It lasted about 25 minutes, which roughly translates into a mile and some change.


We took Mr. Dread, (as in dread locks since he has a curly coat) and he did great!

It was just really nice to get in some exercise with my boys. I’m hoping we get in 1-2 walks like this a week.

Today Miss Jessica and I met at the lagoon. I brought Brass.


She brought herself! Which was great since we got to chat it up around the lagoon, on a gorgeous morning.


We almost did 2 miles, go us! We rock! It was on a dirt path, so it was kind of like hiking?


And I completely devoured my new favorite yogurt after the walk.


(Yep, still rocking the thumb splint.)

My favorite flavors are peach, mango, and honey. But they are all good!

I got 2 legit work outs in in the past 2 days. Feeling good!

What are you feeling good about?

What’s your favorite type of yogurt?



10 thoughts on “Walking and hiking

  1. cathyo says:

    When I was in Vermont for march break I tried Chobani. It was awesome. I liked all the flaovurs but peach is my favourite overall flavour. I’m bummed we don’t have Chobani up here in Canada.

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