Jello legs

This morning started at 4:30 with me waking up with a crick (it’s a word) in my neck. It sucked. Then I forgot to screw the lid of my hubby’s coffee cup on, which resulted in coffee all over his car. Oh and a huge fight. Awesome sauce! I was running late, got in my car and saw this.


Yep, empty. And I hit every. Single. Red. Light. Lucky for me, I still made it to my hair appointment on time. Whew.



shoulda made a sad face



Trying to grow out the locks, and suffering through the awkward stages of what used to be bangs. 1 person at work noticed I got my haircut. At least someone noticed?

As for my planned walk before work? Well, my legs are completely useless today. After the measly squat/lunge sets I did in therapy yesterday I was feeling awesome. My muscles are just killing me today. I guess it’s been awhile since I have even tried to “work out” my legs.

I have 3 planned workouts for the rest of the week.
Wednesday-walk after dinner with the fam
Thursday-walk with Jessica
Friday-run on treadmill!!!

Are you trying to grow your hair out? How often do you get it cut?



4 thoughts on “Jello legs

  1. Gina says:

    I agree growing out bangs is the worst! I’m doing that too! I usually get mine cut every 8 weeks. I use lots of headbands and clips to help out!

  2. Dawn H. says:

    I like the haircut! Yup, I’m trying to grow out my bangs too right now. I always think I’m going to love having bangs, but then I find them annoying when during running and just in life. I have black bobby pins all over the house right now, and I’m constantly pinning my hair back.

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