No work pants for Tiffany

This week has thrown me for a loop. Hubs has been working in a store over 90 minutes away, to cover someone’s vacation. Which meant that I had to cover all of his chores (pick up Carlo, feed dogs, take care of evening dishes etc) and work day shifts. So glad this week is over!

Yesterday I was on a mission for some new work pants.


Bangs and pants are a fail. Here is what I need in a pair of pants.

1. Need the tall version- seems like every pair is an inch too short.
2. Need belt loops for my work keys.
3. Need both front and back pockets. I am constantly shoving labels in my pockets.
4. Need to be a strong material, I am constantly bending down, on my knees cleaning things, and getting dirty. They have to last longer than 4 months.

I did end up buying something.


New earrings seemed like a good idea over getting new work pants. Still need new work pants….

The thumb is still concerning me with swimming.


It’s a big thumbs down!! Hehe!

I was thinking of getting a rubber glove, and then trying a hair band or rubber band around my wrist to prevent water from getting into the wound. I think I’ll wait a few more days, seems like it is getting a little better each day.

And last night hubs and I met some friends, and turned the night into a pub crawl.


We went to some pretty interesting tap rooms in Sacramento. It was cool since there were some delicious looking food trucks right outside. Next time we will hit the food trucks!

Do you have problems finding the right pants?

Favorite craft beer?

Ideas on protecting my thumb while swimming?



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