The time I almost lost the tip of my thumb

It started with good intentions.

I was trying to help this sweet old lady get something out of her trunk.


She explained how her keyless entry remote wasn’t working. She asked if I could open her driver’s side door to push a button inside the car to open the trunk.


When I opened the door I noticed how heavy it was. And it was a later model car, hence the heavy doors.

Once we figured out the trunk situation she tried to lock the doors with her keyless remote. I told her, “don’t worry, I can lock it for you.” At this point she is on the passenger side waiting with her cane.


I walked over to the other side, opened the door, pressed the automatic lock button, and shut the car door. I didn’t notice right away that my finger was literally stuck in the door. Here’s the problem. The door was flush to the car. ie the door was ALL THE WAY CLOSED!!

So here I am, finger is in the car door, the door is LOCKED and flush, and I take a second look and see my nail completely broken and a tip of it on the outside of the car. Not the normal end, like up by the cuticle. This really REALLY freaked me out! I started wailing “HELP!!!”

I seriously thought I was going to lose my finger. “IT’S GONE! My finger is gone!” Is all that I kept thinking.

The little old lady began to make her way over to me. She had a shuffle and it was slow. Did I mention she had a cane?


She was making no progress after 30 seconds. I start screaming, crying and praying. I’m not religious at all, but I found a little bit of comfort yelling “God please help me!!”

Approximately 3-4 minutes later she finally hands me the keys, I unlock the car, and free my hand. I guess I had drawn a crowd, I was surrounded by 2 people in motorized wheelchairs and someone was just walking up to see what the commotion was about. When I pulled out my hand all I saw was blood. Tons of blood. I was in shock, I just quickly ran to the nearest faucet to rinse off my hand. And when I finally stopped to look at my hand, it was quite a sight.


Here’s another angle that shows off the broken blood vessels.


The little old lady felt bad that she couldn’t help. I simply told her not to worry about it. She asked me for my number, so she could call me later. She didn’t call me today, so I guess she’s not too broken up about it.

I call my hubby hubs to ask if I should go to the emergency room. “Can you bend your finger?” He asks me. I tried, and success! Although it’s not a pretty sight. He explains that the emergency room can’t do anything when there are no broken bones. Or even if the tip of my thumb is broken, they couldn’t really do anything. I decide to wrap it loosely and take some ibuprofen.

Here I am the next day in much better spirits.


Yes, the Wonder Woman pants and champagne is a must.

Yes, my finger still hurts. A lot.

Yes, I am freaked out about losing my nail. I guess my plans to get a manicure with my mom tomorrow is out the window.

Yes, I am right handed, which is the hand I injured. Everything takes twice as long to do with out the use of a thumb.

Silver lining? My leg and shoulder pain has pretty much subsided. All of my pain is in the damn thumb.

I guess pool time is out for awhile. Unless someone has a brilliant idea around chlorine in a wound??

Have you ever slammed a finger in a car door or anything else???



8 thoughts on “The time I almost lost the tip of my thumb

  1. lslclr says:

    Ohh yuck! Keep that thing taped up, and if you do lose it, it’ll grow back! Have you ever lost a toenail running? I did, and I may sound super weird, but you can just paint the skin and no one will even know it’s missing (or at least no one will say anything because they aren’t quite sure and don’t want to sound like a weirdo)! hope that helps in some magical way that i don’t really think is a possible. also, you’re so nice for helping that old lady!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Thanks for saying I’m nice, I didn’t feel nice when I was yelling, and then running off. And telling me about your painted skin where your toenails should be definitely helped in a magical way. Well it mostly made me lol!

  2. amy says:

    oh man! I am sorry! I hope the nail doesn’t fall off, but I have lost two toe nails to running and it’s not that bad. 🙂 I would have had some champagne or maybe some shots too!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I haven’t had any toe nails fall off, but I think I’m just gonna be in denial about the nail falling off. And then drink shots and champagne to help me through it 😉

  3. Dawn H. says:

    ouch!! if that was me, I’d wrap it up and never look at it again. That’s what I did with my first black toenail 🙂

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